20 of the most ridiculous complaints made « My fianc and i booked a twin bedded room but we were placed in a double bedded room.We now hold you responsible for the fact that i find myself pregnant.This would not have happened if you had put us in the room that we booked.  » « I compared the size of our one bedroom apartment to our friends three bedroom apartment and ours was significantly smaller.  » « We booked an excursion to a water park but no one told us we had to bring our swimming costumes and towels. « I agree that no way you have to behave bad to a guest, just because someone else behaved bad to you.It absolutely unprofessional.Anyway people everyday life seems to become more and more tiring and stressfull, and when they are on holidays they just want to relax.Not to meet more problems and a bad attitude from hotel staff who is supposed to be there to make their holidays as comfortable and pleasants as possible. On the other hand, if you have lots of problems on your personal life, will not help you to create problems and behave odd to other people on your holiday, just because they happen to work in hospitality industry. Last august we had an english lady guest who lost her flight and had to come on another flight through athens and then on a taxi(5 hours on the road! ).She had been to similar resorts on the same travel agency, she knows our hotel is not http://www.lepetitfournil.co.uk/ luxurious, there is no room service, and hotel is focused on out door activities and sport holidays and stuff. She arrives during a quiet night about 2.30, bar staff cleans up the bar and is about to go home, in the whole hotel is mainly only reception open.Night receptionist tell night guard to show her in her room and help with her laguages.Night guy is a very good guy, but speaks no english. We had put some sandwiches and snacks and tea tray and stuff in her room.She said she wants a hot chocolate, i reply i see what i can do.I send one of the bar girls, she opens pool bar and she make a hot chocolate and bring her her hot chocolate in the room.Lady bearst into tears again, because she is stressed, she had to come through athens and had a bad day etc etc etc.Bar girl have to cuddle her like a baby, she manage to go away after an hour or so, advise the guest to talk with customer service mgr next morning so she can get every information she may need to know(As she missed well come drinks). We are worried on what will happen next morning, byt she meets the c/s mgr, she is very calm, she ask what ever she needs to ask, and she goes away.We have a beauty salon, and she goes there to book a treatment.B/s mgr is there, there is no free time to book her in this day or the next, and lady goes ballistic to her.B/s mgr explain that people can go and book on a first comes, first served basis, and lady start screams again, she doesn care how system works, she wants her massage now etc.She walks out and goes and scream on the c/s mgr.C/s mgr tries to calm her down, ans lady attacks her, »As she checked in late due to losing her flight, c/s mgr should have thought that she may need a massage and should have book her a massage ».Poor c/s mgr try to tells her that she couldn know that lady wants to use beauty salon and what treatment she may need, and lady repplies »Of course you should know, i am a lady.What else would i want than a massage to realax ». (Most of out lady guests prefer to take tennis lessons by the way. )Anyway, c/s mgr talks with b/s manager, and poor b/s mgr arrange to stay even longer hours and give her a(Coplimentary)Massage at 21.00.Lady goes and take her massage, and she is absolutely calm and polite.Next day, she wants to book a message again.When b/s girls are on a treatment, they have a large note book outside, where guests can write requests for treatments, and later the girls contact them to say if they can do it or not, or arrange an other hour etc.Anyway, lady writes her request, later on girls realise they have no time availiable for that day.They leave a message on her room, c/s mgr goes aroung the resort to find her, but she is nowhere.She storms up to the beauty salon, opens the door on the room where b/s mgr gives a massage to an other guest(! ), screams to the B/S mgr she wants her massage, and starts a cat fight with the shocked poor guest who just happened to have a massage booked!Anyway, after a lot of screaming and talking and a meeting with b/s and c/s mgrs, one more massage is arranged after closing hours of the b/s. Rest of the week was more or less eventless, although one day that c/s mgr was walking by the tennis courts, she sees the mad lady trying to target the poor other guest who was in the beauty salon with a tennis ball.Thanks god, lady target was looking elsewhere at the time, and when ball hited her, she thought it was from someone else and wasn on purpose! All week we never knew how she would react and what to exprect when she was entering reception. Anyway, nothing more serious happened and when this lady was about to leave, she came to reception all smiles, settles her bill, thanks for a nice holiday, and give me a 20p coin as a tip, saying »If every guest was giving you such a tip, you would be reach by now!  » Attica hotels central greece hotels central macedonia hotels cephalonia hotels chania prefecture hotels corfu hotels crete hotels epirus hotels euboea region hotels halkidiki region hotels heraklion prefecture hotels kos hotels lasithi prefecture hotels lefkada hotels magnesia region hotels mykonos hotels naxos hotels paros hotels peloponnese hotels pieria region hotels rethymnon prefecture hotels rhodes hotels samos hotels santorini hotels skiathos hotels thasos ray bans cheap hotels thessaly hotels west greece hotels zakynthos hotels

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